Yee Haw!!

We have a great ward activities committee that is always planning fun family activities that are so great! This week there was a chili cook-off cowboy party and Hailey and I has a blast! John stayed home with Izzie (she was sooo sick)! My brother is living with my mom for a little while to help with the packing and final projects on the house. It's been fun to have him around! Click here for the recipe of the winning chili! It was amazing! The family didn't actually use a dutch oven though...I guess that it still works!


The Jones Family said...

you two look absolutely darling!!

The Adams Family said...

Wow, you are a dang hot cowgirl! You should dress that way more often!

Leah said...

YOu guys look so cute!! Love that Kevin is there..I bet it makes you a little sad, though, since you don't have you're mom too much longer and it's always nice to have your mom by yourself!!!!