I'm a Survivor!!

I'm actually only a survivor because I have been so blessed with the ability to survive! It sounds like most households are battling the nasty winter bugs that are floating around and our house was not forgotten. Between my two children, we have dealt with someone being sick continually for the last 3 weeks. I am not one to take my children to the doctor...most of the time I feel like they send you home and you have just wasted valuable resting time. John and I just do our best as parents and we end up doing a lot of snuggling, medicating, wiping, and rocking! It's so sad to see your babies uncomfortable! Isabella loves nursing and she especially loves to nurse in the middle of the night! On average she wakes up 3 times a night to enjoy her favorite snack and then she gets a good tuck back into her cozy bed! It's been this way ever since she was born (almost 1 year). John is so sweet to her and gets so sad when she cries...so we don't let her cry! I can handle this...if she goes right back to sleep! With her being sick, she is feeding and then crying, crying, crying, and crying! Hailey is also making her appearance a few times a night which means that I do not sleep very much! So...I am a survivor because everyday I am able to get up after cat napping all night and carry on with our busy day! I know that my Heavenly Father has blessed me to get through this hard time and I am so thankful for that. I know that I have so many important things to do in a day and I appreciate that I am not alone!


The Jones Family said...

you poor thing!! you need SLEEP! lol. I was reading your next post as well. Maddy and Thatcher share a room and they enjoy their evening and morning 'chit chats' with each other....or more like giggling fits!

It seems that the 'bug' has hit our house as well. Now I'm the one sick.

but I can't complain cause it's a rare occassion that I'm up during the night to deal with the kids... they are, for the most part, EXPERT sleepers. I think it's time to let baby Izzy cry...within a few days she'll learn to do without her snacks! but then again, it is hard to hear it.

Good luck. you ARE a survivor!!

Leah said...

I know how you feel and it too shall pass :) Hang in there, it will happen again, but it always gets better and they are so helpless, poor little things..