Christmas Happenings!

What a wonderful year this has been for our family! We decided not to send out Christmas cards this year (to save a few bucks) but we will definitely be sending them out next year so don't take us off your list just yet! We loved receiving all of your letters and pictures and have enjoyed seeing a small peek into your lives! We have really enjoyed having my dad and brothers in town but are sad to see them leave again soon. The Holidays go by so fast! We have loved hanging out with John more too! The Hecker house has had at least one person sick all of our three week break! Hailey was up all Christmas Eve night with some sort of stomach bug (which means that I didn't sleep either!) It didn't end there though! She has decorated our car, a room at my parents house, and Olive Garden with her vomit! She also has an awful runny nose and nasty cough that we just can't seem to help her get over. We are all praying for her to be feeling better soon.

Here is a little glimpse of our 2007:

Isabella Maiya Mae was born on February 8th and has brought so much love and joy to our family. She has mastered eating, pooping, crawling, and playing! She has not figured out how to sleep through the night yet...we are crossing our fingers that this will come soon! She is already a shadow as she like to be where her sister is at all times!

Hailey turned three this summer and has turned into at least the equivalent of a 6 year old! Sometimes we think that her time clock must be off! She is so independent! She has learned how to ride an 18" bike and has started preschool (a rotation school that some friends and I started). She love to cook, do the dishes, play with friends, and watch Caillou!

John is officially half way through his 5 year Doctorate of Psychology program at Regent University! He has received straight A's for two semesters this year and deserves it for all of his hard work and sacrifices! He has been interning at Langley Air Force base two days a week and has really enjoyed his experiences there. He is the Ward Clerk in our Ward and because he is so organized, he has aided in keeping our ward running smoothly! He wishes that there was more time for golfing and tennis...maybe in a few years!

I have loved being a mom of two! I spend my days running our household (cleaning, laundry, dishes, feeding, bathing, dressing, carrying, and picking up the endless scattering of toys!) As I have been able to serve our children, my love for them has deepened! In November we found out that I miscarried for the second time! After the D&C I got an infection from the surgery and was pretty out of it for a little while. Thanks to great friends and family, we got through it and we look forward to more children someday! I have been the Primary Chorister for two years and love that calling; however I have now been called as the Primary 2nd Counselor and I look forward to the growth and learning that comes with a new calling. I have also been very busy with my new business 'Little Miss Priss' and have loved every second of it! I have a great support system of family and friends that have made all things possible for me and these people have added to the fun of my year!!

Our family enjoyed a wonderful trip to Utah in August and we enjoyed spending time with family and friends. If we didn't get to see you then we look forward to catching up with you next time. Because both of our families will soon be there we will have more vacations there.

Thank you again for your wonderful Christmas cards. We are so thankful for the wonderful friendships that we have been able to make throughout the years. Some of you we don't get to see very often and some of you we never get to see, but just know that we love you and cherish the memories that we have with you! All of our friends have made an impact in our lives and you are thought of often! Happy New Year!

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The Adams Family said...

What a fun Christmas! We are so blessed to be able to be with you guys at this time. It is the only gift we need!

The Jones Family said...

looked like a fun Christmas! ..and I guess we'll keep you on our card list another year ;)

sorry to hear Hailey was so sick, or that all of you have been for that matter.

We too are trying for our 3rd, but after 5 months it seems Heavenly Father is telling us now is not the time...so we'll just wait. I'm sorry for the trials that have been put before you. It takes a strong woman to overcome a miscarriage. Your family is so beautiful. those children are lucky to be born to such loving, faithful, wonderful parents!

Though our times together at Wyview was short, your friendship will always be cherished. I hope we always stay updated!

Happy New Year Katrina!!

Beth said...

Great update! Too bad about Hailey having the barfs over Christmas. We dealt with that as well and it's definitely not my favorite thing!

You guys have been so busy this year! I'm sad to hear about your miscarriage and the subsequent complications. I hope and pray that it will all resolve itself and you'll soon be able to add to your cute family.

Wonderful pictures! I always enjoy them! Happy New Year!

Colleen said...

Looks like it was a great Christmas! Minus the barf, of course. Even first thing in the morning your little girls are all bowed-up and happy! I love it! Your letter is great. I am sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I know you will be blessed with a big, beautiful family, because you are such wonderful people!
Happy New Year!

Heather said...

It's so good to read about your year. I think about you a lot! I hope you continue to do well. Your girls are darling! And I love your website! I'll be ordering soon!