Izzie Crawls!

My children have both been early in a few developments including sitting up at 4 1/2 months. One thing that they are not so fast at learning is crawling and rolling over. I think that because they are such great sitters, they don't get very much exposure on their backs and tummies therefore they are a little slower navigating the carpet! Here is our little Isabella crawling at 9 1/2 months. She still cannot roll (although she has done it once but not again since).

Hailey is so excited about her sister crawling! Everytime Izzie starts moving Hailey makes me com into the room to check her out. It's so sweet to see her love her so much.
Hailey also had to demonstrate her skill in crawling! Go Hailey!
I hear many moms talk about how they are not looking forward to the crawling of their babies...however; I LOVE IT! I love to see her independence and I love to watch her discover things that she is interested in. She can actually find toys that she thinks are fun and not the ones that I pick out for her and place in front of her. She is certainly so proud of herself too.


The Risdons said...

time flies. I can't believe she's so big. Who does she look like? Hailey looks different to me than her...anyway, 2 cute girls. I've missed your blog.

The Jones Family said...

I love that stage too! now, I can't wait till Thatcher starts walking on his own!

yesterday afternoon Maddy was crawling all around the house with a pacifier in her mouth...some days she wants to do whatever her brother does.

but usually it's him crawling around after her ...everywhere!!

enjoy the new stage!

Jen said...

Crawling is fun, but it also spells trouble. I will try to get some pics of little Sophie posted soon too.

Beth said...

Yeah, Izzie! What a darling little crawler! So much fun!

Yeah, I have to admit that I'm one of those moms that wishes they would just stay immobile a little longer, but it is fun to see them discover things. Maybe not so much with the discovering of the toilet, or the kitchen cabinets, lol!

Kurt said...

so much fun!!!! You know I don't like the whole crawling, only because I think it's so nasty to be on the floor, not of my home, but everywhere else we go and once they start they want ot be down at the store, etc....but so much fun!!!