Christmas Excitement

Hailey has been so fun this year as every holiday has been so exciting to her. She has the greatest expressions and the sweetest phrases. As Christmas time is emerging she has been no different! She loves it all and it has been so fun for John and I to give her some new experiences that she really appreciates. After Thanksgiving, John and I helped my mom get out all of her Christmas decorations and attempted to decorate her tree. Hailey loves to put the ornaments as close to each other as possible. She even learned how to tie bows on the tree! I am slightly concerned about my newest little crawler and her attempts at pulling as many ornaments off the tree as possible. Any suggestions?


The Jones Family said...

we just put our trees up too, Maddy has her very own little tree and she had to put 2 ornaments close together. ...each one had to have a friend she said! how cute.

as for thatcher I have two trees up and he hasn't touched a one. I try not to say no too much. I just wag my index finger back and forth and say, "I don't think so". I think it's more the look. but if he happens to try to touch I go and redirect him. if he does it twice I put him in his crib for a time out (he's almost one so he kind of understands it all). but I haven't had to get tot he time out part. he just stays away! lucky me

...oh this'll be something you can use. Make sure Hailey doesn't touch the tree while Isabella is around. I notice that when maddy is messing with her tree/ornaments, that's when little brother wants to come do what big sister is.

good luck, and you look skinny!!!!

Katrina said...

Jessica-Thanks for the tips!! I'll have to try those. I love that Maddys ornaments had to each have a friend...that is so sweet. Thanks for the skinny comment! You look so great too...Beautiful!

Beth said...

My suggestion is to adjust your idea of the perfect tree. Preferably your ideal would involve a disproportionate amount of ornaments on the top half of the tree. That's pretty much what ours look like--lucky us!

But are your ornaments glass? Most of mine aren't so I can see how if they were glass that would be a bigger problem. Good luck!

Your tree looks beautiful, by the way, and I agree with the skinny comment!

Ashcraft Family said...

It is so exciting that christmas is so close. For the past 3 years we have had a new little crawler at christmas time and the only thing that seems to work for us is that we leave about 3 or 4 inches of no ornaments at the bottom. That way all the kids can do is pull needles off the tree. It may look a little wierd...but works for us. You do look great!!

Colleen said...

It's so fun when the kids finally start getting into it too! I usually start the decor with a gang and by the end I am finishing up myself. We usually just put the nonbreakable ornaments on the bottom, and the glass globes on the upper parts. Not the most beautiful of presentations, but better than glass in a baby's hand!


We always let the children put the ornaments on the tree and just today I noticed a big patch of tree that has not one ornament! I thought about fixing it and then decided to leave it. If we want our children to be proud of their work, we have to resist going behind them and "fixing" things. Let's just say my tree looks interesting. LOL

As for the crawling baby question, I have always just put the few really nice ornaments at the top and if I notice the baby playing with one on the bottom, I personally ignore it. I find that they are more likely to want to get into something you keep off limits. They'll usually pull an ornament off the tree and then leave it under the tree when they are bored of it. I just make sure they can't hurt themselves with any of the low ones.

Have fun!

Kurt said...

so much fun!!! I wish I could be there to enjoy the Hailey enthusiasm....we miss it! Let's keep at your mom to come for a drive to visit!!