There are good changes and bad changes...both of which are sometimes IN our control and sometimes OUT of our control. Now I have always been the type to change my bedroom around at least once a month. My parents would often come home to a newly redecorated family room that my little brother (who was forced) and I had changed into something other than where it had started. John and I change our little apartment around very often...at least twice a month and that's the kind of change that I enjoy. John keeps saying to me..."now this is the last time that we are going to move this bench, right??

John and I have loved living in Virginia Beach, not only for the beauty that is all around us, or for the great school where John is getting his education, but also for my family living 5 minutes away and the support that they have been to us. Well, after 30 something years in my parents first home...they are moving!! They are moving across the country to good ole' Salt Lake City! My dad left on Monday and my mom is staying until after Christmas...not the good kind of change! Saying goodbye to my dad was sad but it will only get worse with the goodbye to my mom!

A good change has been for Hailey to start preschool!! She on the other hand would probably say that this was not a good change but it has been wonderful for mommy and I believe that it's great for Hailey. After a dozen tantrums and Hailey refusing to go that first morning...I put on her backpack and told her that I was going to preschool by myself. I guess that did it because she jumped out of her jammies and into her clothes screaming the entire time, "mommy don't go with out me!" It's a work in progress but I think that with the help of great friends she has really started to enjoy herself.

Hailey and her good friend Gracie Adams! Aren't they so cute??

Another great change is FALL!! It sure is beautiful here and I am reminded of how wonderful this earth is and how great change is to renew and regenerate life here.

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Andrea said...

The fact that your parents are moving less than 30 minutes from me is a good change...it means I'll get to see you when you come to visit them. Oh, and the preschool change is a blessing! I love when Skylar is at school and she thinks it's the best thing ever!