A super quick run down of Fall 2012!

 We started the Fall off with a trip to the Palmyra Temple. What a beautiful day we had!!! We were able to visit the Visitors Center, The Hill Cumorah, and the Sacred Grove.

 What a special place. My parents brought me here when I was little and I am so grateful to be able to bring my family here so often. This is what is known as The Sacred Grove, where Joseph Smith prayed about which church to join. This experience and many more in this area, led to us being blessed with the restored church on this earth today. There is so much peace and joy here.
 Hailey started 3rd grade!!
 Isabella is a Kindergartner!!

 Talon is a Preschooler!!
 Talon and Lincoln are the best of buddies. The went to preschool together and played every opportunity they could after school was out (before the big kids got home from school!) It was a special year and these boys got really close with no siblings to distract them.

 We went to the Zoo a lot.

 I had surgery on my elbow and my mom and dad came out to visit for a month to help with the kids while I recovered.

 We found some time to have a little fun as well.

 Halloween was canceled and rescheduled due to rain and cold, but we did get some good pictures of our trunk or treat night.

 Thanksgiving was a hit. We had dinner with the Stowells and it was delicious. Jandi and I started Black Friday Shopping a little early this year, at 8pm. SO MUCH FUN!!!!

 A random picture of me and my guy. LOVE HIM!

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