Lucy turns one!!!!

Oh how I love this sweet little girl!! I cannot believe that she is ONE. I know, everyone says that. BUT, it is very true. 
How has it already been a year since I was pregnant with her and SO very uncomfortable, and since I tried to put myself into labor by jumping on the trampoline?
How has it already been a year since my mom and dad came to help with the transition to four children? 
It's been a year of more sleepless nights. And, a year of nursing every 3 hours in any convenient spot available (like the couches for sale in a store). 
I've gotten SUPER DUPER good at multi-tasking. I've done just about everything while holding Lucy. She has been a needy one...and I've loved most of it! Dinner time always stresses me out a bit. 
We have such a wonderful girl here that is incredibly talented at photography. She is so patient and has a great eye. I love these pictures. All of them. Every.Single.One.
Lucy at one is:
A great crawler. She is very close to walking. She cruises around the furniture.
She is a mimicker. Is that a word? She copies what we say and what we do. It's really cute and gets the whole family giggling.
She's little. In the 10% for her weight and 50% for height. She is still wearing 6-12 months clothes. She weighs 18 pounds. I usually have such big kids...it's kind of strange for me. We love her the way she is though. Our little peanut.
She's got 5 teeth in the front and one molar.
She nurses about 6 times during the day and anywhere from 2-5 times at night. Sometimes more. Never less. Usually 2. She naps twice.
She hates baths. More than any dog on the planet. Too bad for this little girl because I like them clean. Bad combo.
She likes some table foods. Just a few. Strawberries and oranges on occasion. Maybe a few bites of yogurt if we're lucky. Granola bars...maybe three bites in she'll be done. Hmmm.....
She loves her daddy. She can't wait till he gets home from work. When my phone rings in the afternoon, she assumes that it's him calling and gets so excited.
She has a blanket that she is attached to (that is very consistent with the rest of our children). We always have it with her. It's my nursing cover too so she really always has it. I'm okay with that.
She likes to have a fork when she is in her highchair. Not the kids plastic ones. The metal ones like the rest of us.
She's great at clapping, hi-fives, and waving goodbye.
She is still in her infant carrier and probably will be for the next few months. She naps on the go which is great because I am a mom on the go.

Lucy, we are so happy that you are apart of our family. You are so special to us. We love you!


Chablis said...

No WAY!! I can't believe I don't even know this little girl. :( I feel like I know Talon a liiiitle bit.

She is so pretty! A very happy birthday to little Lucy. :)

Jamie said...

What beautiful picture of LUCY! She's a doll!

Colleen said...

She is beautiful! It all goes so quickly!

The Risdons said...

What a beautiful post! She is such a sweetie:)

Jen said...

What a sweetie! Hope we get to see her this summer!

Leah said...

Love it....love the pictures...SHe is darling and beautiful. Can't wait to meet her for the first time in July!! You are so good to keep up with your blog..I'm sure I'll hate myself for not:)

Rob and Andra Mahoney said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I can't believe she's one either! Where does the time go?! But she is beautiful, just like the rest of your family! What a blessing!!! :D