St. Patrick's Day 2011

I thought I would introduce you to some of my fabulous Erie friends! I had been wanting to have a Pot Luck Mommy Luncheon for over a month and St. Patrick's Day was the perfect chance!
The Spread! We had some delicious choices!! There are a ton of pictures...and not a lot of text. All I have to say is that I am thankful for these women in my life. Erie is far away from all of the friends and family that we were used to having close to us and good friends are what make Erie special to me. I am so grateful for the memories that we have already made and all of the memories to come. We originally planned on living here for just one year (with a chance of staying longer). We have decided to stay for one more year for sure and probably two more. For now, this is home!
Sarah and her sweet Gwen
Teresa (who we actually had a connection with one of my great friends from Virginia Beach!)
Ashley the wonder woman! She runs miles everyday!! Amazing!!
Darling Britani! And me who is Ohhh so glad not to be pregnant anymore!!
Whatzzzzzzzzz Up Cathy!!!
Lauren is Talon nursery teacher and she is a life saver! He goes to nursery only because of her!! The whole time she was at our house he was asking her (not me) to hold him. She was holding Britani's sweet baby Beckett and he insisted she hold him too by showing her that she indeed did have room on her lap for him!
And Talon is of course in love with Jandi!! He could play with her all day long!
Sweet Lindsay
Thank you sweet friends for a wonderful afternoon!! Also pictured is Staci, Rachel, and Micah! These girls have all done so much for me!!! THANK YOU!!!! There were more wonderful women there also, so sorry I didn't have more pictures!!!


Chablis said...

Okay, your friends are darling and all and the table scape is so pretty. But...I want to see LUCY!!!!


Staci said...

super fun day thanks for plannin

The Tyler's said...

Who puts up St. patty's pics when you just had a baby???

Let's see Lucy!!

Nunes Family said...

ha ha!! I love that you show pictures of all of us and not your new sweet little girl.....who by the way I just LOVE!! She is so tiny I can't beleive Beckett was that small once.

Rob and Andra Mahoney said...

How fun! Looks like such a great time! :)

Sarah said...

What a great idea! You are so much fun!