New Year's

 This is my 25 week photo. In the last 5 weeks I have gained my first 10 lbs. Let's hope that I don't gain 10 lbs each month from here on out!
 We were really missing family this holiday so when we had an offer for some visitors we were SO excited! John's brother Peter is currently living in Baltimore and he hopped in the car with his cute girlfriend Brittany and they drove 6 1/2 hours to visit us for the New Year's weekend. They were so fun to have and the kids LOVED having them. They played lots of games with Hailey which is something that she could (and wants to) do all day!
We ate lots of yummy food!! I think I may have mentioned this a time or two before, but I HEART my grocery store. WEGMAN'S is absolutely the best grocery store. I have never been to a store that I like more. I always take our guests...silly I know...but it's just too great of a store to pass up. We ate lunch at the Cafe and it was delicious.
 We enjoyed some bowling. I haven't bowled in awhile and I was just awful! We will blame it on the belly...my balance was totally off and I just kept getting gutter balls. I am never a "great" bowler...but this was seriously pathetic!
 Peter let Hailey be in charge of his camera ALL weekend and she was in heaven. She was very responsible with it. I was impressed. She now thinks that she NEEDS a camera of her own!
 What in the world Izzie??? This is the funniest face.
 Brittany was so great with the kids!
 The girls were of course extra silly for our visitors.
 Our weather was unreasonably (but amazingly) warm. It got up to 57 on Saturday and we loved every second of it. We decided to take advantage of it and we drove 2 hours to Niagara Falls.

It was pouring rain but the warmth was beckoning us to do something outdoors so we went anyways. It stopped raining for just enough time for us to enjoy the falls. It was extremely foggy...we couldn't even see all of the falls but it was still beautiful. I think it added to the majesticness (I know that's not a word...using it anyways!) You can see Canada in the background (well, atleast the tops of the buildings!)
 Peter and Brittany!
Niagara was really fun. We didn't think about it being New Years Day and so everything was closed. It was still so cool to see the power behind the water before it went down the falls and the calmness of the water at the bottom of the falls. Maybe next time we'll do some of the fun things that they have available so that you can get closer to the water. 
It was a wonderful weekend!

I am usually very good at working on my New Year's resolutions but for some reason I have not felt the need or the desire to have resolutions this year. Well, the first reason is probably because my first goal (and it seems like most peeps) is to eat healthier. Well, mine is usually to lose weight...but since I'm just gaining weight from now till April, I'll work on that later. Other than that I feel like life is going good for us. Atleast all of the things that we have control over. There are always things to improve on but we are always so hard on ourselves. I have had enough of myself and others being so hard on themselves. This year, I will strive weekly to be the best ME that I can be and that encompasses my entire life and everything that I do. To be the best me is to be the happiest me and I look forward to this new year and all of the wonderful blessings and challenges that come with it!


Jen said...

Cute pictures! I wish we could have been there to celebrate with you guys. Someday soon for sure!!

Stephanie said...

We take people to our Wegman's, too. :) My parents (good old Idahoans) were in awe. It was like a taking a kid to a candy store.

Happy New Year!

Rob and Andra Mahoney said...

You are sooo cute! And that picture of Izzie CRACKED me up!!!

How fun that John's bro and gf came to visit!!! And man you can tell they are brothers! lol

Oh! I've always wanted to go to Niagara Falls! I bet it was amazing!

Anna said...

I have been spelling Izzie's name wrong! I am so sorry!

What a fun post. It seems like Jan 1 would be a good day to go to Niagara because there wouldn't be too many people there. :)

And I am glad you don't feel obligated to make New Year's resolutions. I agree with you that we are all so hard on ourselves--we all have so much that is good about us, and shouldn't we think more about that?

Love you!

Caryn said...

You look great!!

Staci said...

so glad you had a happy new year how fun to go see the falls thats on are to do list

Leah said...

love all your updates...I need to get on her more often!! Your belly is so cute and looks like Christmas was a hit!! I've been to a wegman's before..Murray's in NY and it is amazing!! tell your kiddos hi and give them loves from us!! maybe we'll have to come visit so we can take the kids to the church history sites!! and niagra falls :)