Is it too early to decorate for Valentine's Day?

Ever since we put all of our Christmas decorations away, I have been thinking and planning out Valentine's decorations! I have said it before...and I will say it again...I L.O.V.E Valentine's Day! I love the colors, I love the hearts, I love all the gushy LOVE and HEARTS and CANDY! Ohhh I just get giddy! It's smack dab in the middle of Christmas and Spring. This year, it brings extra joy and goodness and color to our home while our outdoors are bleak and WHITE. It also means that our little baby is closer to arriving and the celebration of two birthdays...Isabella's and my own! SO....here are a few of the decorations that I made and got up yesterday. I still have MANY plans brewing and will blog them as they arrive! I have ordered lots of paper lanterns in all shades of Valentine's!! Can't wait till they come!
Our dining room center piece....for now. I change our centerpieces all the time...I get bored easily! I saw these gorgeous pink and red tulips at the Floral Department and I want them badly!
The empty jar will be filled with my favorite red candy...sour cherry balls! JUST as soon as I can get to the store (which won't be today since the snow is not stopping anytime soon!)
Our ugly brown bookshelf that was free and that I am thankful for even though I am whining about it. Those mailboxes are SO FUN! My kids have died and gone to heaven because of those babies.
I REALLY wanted the HUGE letters that will stand up on their own (out of cardboard and quite thick) BUT I cannot find them here. I bet all of you with Hobby Lobby can get them. Our craft stores do not! These will do! The biggest ones that they had!
Thank you Cricut for making my life so much easier! I LOVE you! Oh...and Mod Podge. I LOVE you too.

This little tree has been so versatile. I've used it for so many different things. Right now, it is our LOVE tree. For Family Night this week We each got a handful of hearts and we wrote down the things that we love...the things that make us happy.
I have spotlighted a few of my favorites!
John has started an amazing tradition that I hope lasts forever. Every Wednesday evening, the kids rotate going on a "date" with John. They do different things each week....movies, dinner, Toys R Us, etc. Sometimes they are bigger dates like the movies and sometimes they are as simple as going and getting icecream together. He has been doing it for a few months and it's been good for everyone. Also, when it's my turn to go on a date with John...they are so excited about it because "mommy needs a turn too!" they all say. Even Talon will walk around saying "mommy's turn". John totally remembers doing this with his dad.

This heart in the front says, "Aliens". Yep...that was Izzie. Hailey and her have had many discussions about whether or not aliens are real. Hailey says NAY and Izzie says YAY.

I made this heart wreath for $2! Half a roll of crepe party paper and a glue stick (and some hot glue). It took me about an hour... Might be making another one!
And this project has nothing to do with Valentine's Day but I'm very excited about it. A friend and I have been working on this...can't wait to show the finished product!

I was featured on Babyology!! Go HERE to check it out!!!


Wendy said...

I don't think it is too early. Of course we would have to take down our Christmas decorations to make room . . . Love your Valentine stuff!

Chablis said...

Totally NOT too early! I've been itching to get mine out too. I'm on pins and needles over those gorgeous rag flowers!! I can't wait to see what you do with them!!

Heather Child said...

SO amazing! You are the most creative person I know! Where do you get all your ideas? Wow! I wish I lived closer so I could make stuff with you!

Dixie said...

Love all your deco and recognize a few things...so glad you are putting them to use. They look gorgeous.

Jen said...

Cute ideas! Makes me want to break out my cute pink and red stuff as well. I love valentine's day!!

Andrea said...

Love these!! Can you please provide a few more details on the DIY $2 wreath? I want to make one for my front door. Thanks for motivating me to get in the valentine spirit.

The Tyler's said...

Love the V-day stuff. I've been a scrooge about decorating for holidays. So not like me!

I finally posted!!

Can't wait for you to get here!

Leah said...

love love love all the decorations..so cute. Now you can come to my house and decorate for me!! Love you

Nielsen Family said...

Nope, not too early! I have mine out too & plan to add more! Great ideas, it's amazing that you can create such cuteness!

Heidi said...

So cute Katrina! Makes me wish I wasn't so stinking busy!

Samion Eric said...

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