A little of our Pennsylvania summer

 When we were packing up for our move to Pennsylvania, we decided to sell all of our beach stuff at a garage sale. I didn't realize that Lake Erie was more of a beach than a lake!! I actually like it better for the beach. It's better for the little kids because there are not big waves and it's shallow for a bit. There were playdates scheduled atleast once a week at the Lake and we tried to go as much as we could.

 Always exhausted after so much fun!!!
 There are 11 beaches along this beautiful peninsula. They are all a little bit different and all so beautiful. There are bathrooms and concession stands which make it even more convenient. This is what the peninsula road looks like. Thick trees on both sides...right behind the trees is the water!

 Another drive by photo...this is one of the beaches...the water is just over that hill.
 Hailey's first try at Sumo Wrestling! Erie always has some fun things going on. This was a carnival that we went to that was raising money for cancer! We had a great day!


Susan said...

I love it when you write....I can Feel that you doing better !!! Love all the pictures too!
Love you,

Rob and Andra Mahoney said...

Wow! You guys always find the funnest things to do! I love the pics!