Bean Museum

When John and I were dating, he asked me if I wanted to go to the Bean Museum at BYU with him. I thought it was a little strange to go to a museum displaying beans but I was just glad to be with John so I said yes. When we walked into the museum for the first time I was glad to learn that it is actually a museum of wildlife and nature. John got a big laugh out of my surprise!

We had a great time there with our cousins!

My cousin Jennifer! We grew up super close but have lived on different sides of the US for the last few years making it hard to get together. Her and her husband just built there home right across the street from my parents so I will get to see her more often with our Utah visits!

My two sister in laws and my sweet mom!
The kiddos! These are all of my mom and dads grandchildren!
The pretty girls!
Cutest little Alyse. She is only 10 months younger than Hailey and she is like half of Hailey's size. I have some great pictures of them next to each other that I will post later. That butterfly is made entirely of real butterflies (not alive of course :).
Of course we had to go right next door to BYU since we all graduated from there. It was so fun to show the kids where we went to college. We enjoyed lunch and the bookstore.
What a wonderful day!


Susan said...

Oh, I do love your blogs !!! What fun we had....miss you !!!

The Risdons said...

Great updates! Good luck with moving in and getting settled in a new place.

Leah said...

love all the updates from the family reunion...miss you already!! I have started a post, but obviously not finished it!! Hope all is well in Erie!!!