Spring is here!

We have had such a fun start to summer! Spring Break was a few weeks ago...and since I am always a few weeks behind...I am actually right on time! We went to the beach twice, we went to the park all day long, we went to the circus, we slept in, we stayed up late, we didn't have a schedule! Here are some fun pictures of the beach.
Hmmm...check out that belly!!! That girl knows how to stick it out!!

Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus came to Norfolk and I am so glad that we went. We had the best family day ever! It was so fun and we made memories for sure!

I am SO excited!!
Norfolk, Scope

This picture is taken right after we first arrived. It seems so silly to me know...I guess it seemed a little silly then also....but I totally started to cry....AT THE CIRCUS! Tears of joy of course. I was just so happy that we were able to do this fun activity with our children. I couldn't help but get emotional because I just love them so much and I was so happy to be with them...doing what we were doing!


Spring Break said...

All the members of the family are very beautiful. I am looking first time that kind of family. enjoy with spring break...

Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing about the tears. It makes me feel better about almost flooding the Convocation Center at ODU when we took Wesley to see Thomas the Tank Engine Live.