I found them!

Easter Morning was a huge success!! Last year Hailey found her basket (and her siblings) while we were all sleeping. She left them alone...and told us after she found hers...but it wasn't quite as fun because we missed the "search". This year we told her she wasn't allowed to search until we were up...mean right?? The picture of Talon coming out of the desk drawer is so funny to me.

We skewered jelly beans for decorations. Very fun!
Love these girls! Lexi, Jacqueline, and Tiffany Burton. This is only half of the kids!! Lexi is our beloved babysitter...not sure what we'll do without her when we move to Pennsylvania! I might be stuffing her in my suitcase.
I've explained the Easter Egg bash before. But if you are new here...this is how it goes:
 John's family has a great tradition and we were so excited to be able to do it here in Virginia this year. Did you know that if you hit two eggs together only one will crack....every time! His family hard boils their own eggs and decorates them-they are very serious about this-and then they have a tournament to see who's eggs beats all the eggs. John made a bracket sheet similar to March Madness!
Jared and his daddo! Check out these eggs...
This is the back of the most adorable egg...she has on a coconut bra!
And the winner is...Greg Burton! Well done!!!!!!

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Ashcraft Adventures said...

Dang! I meant to try that this year...it looks like a ton of fun! Hailey and Isabellas dresses are simply adorable! I love, love, love every type of polka dots!!