Jessica Comes to Town!!!

We had so much fun!!! Jessica is my sweet cousin who lives with her family in St. George Utah. They are so far away!!!! Jessica is a hard worker and has saved up quite a little stash of money and she decided that during one of her school breaks she was going to use her money and fly out to see me! Before she came I asked her about what she wanted to do while she was here. The first thing that she said was that she wanted to go to Busch Gardens. There is a special bond between Busch Gardens and the Niepraschks. There always will be. As children, our parents planned one day to go altogether with the whole bunch of Niepraschks (there is a lot of us) and we did this EVERY YEAR! RAIN OR SHINE!!!! Oh the memories that I have of this magnificent park. All happy memories...every single one. I will cherish them forever. This was the first year that I had not gone to Busch Gardens...in my entire life. I had been pretty sad about it but was proud of myself for saving the money. Well, then little Jessie comes along and has this desire to go and I have to say that I was wanting to go SO badly but I also knew that we didn't have a lot of extra money...and it's really expensive! I talked to John about it...and yes, he knows about my love affair with Busch Gardens and he thought it would be so fun for us to go. So with that said...we went. John was going to stay at home with Talon and just us girls went. That didn't last for too long though. He realized really quickly that they were missin' out so they packed up (and brought us all some more warm clothes-it was FA-REEEEZ-ING!) and headed to meet us. Okay, it wasn't THAT cold...but it was pretty chilly and we were not dressed warm enough.

Nice hat Talon...we were not going for the stylish look this day...just tryin' to stay warm with what we had. I have realized that when I get cold...I am desperate to get warm and will do just about anything to do it. While I was in Boston...we were walking around the city one night and the temp. dropped quite a bit and I totally wrapped a towel that was in one of the stroller around myself. I'm pretty sure it was one of those towels that you keep in your car for emergency purposes. Like I said...desperate!


All of my children love to watch me do makeup (even Talon) and they are always playing with it all while I am using it. I do not let them help me though...too much of a perfectionist you could say. Jessica however let the girls help her each morning! They loved it and still ask me if they can put my makeup on...thanks Jessica!

I learned something new about Jessie during her week stay with us...she likes to take pictures and would love to someday get more serious about it. She takes really good pictures...she's a natural! She took this picture of Hailey in the grass and I loved it!

We went to the beach on the perfect day. It couldn't have been nicer weather for October. We fed the seagulls (Talon loved this) and enjoyed playing on sand dunes, shopping at the oceanfront stores, and dabbling in the cold water!

Jessica took these pictures also!!

We love you Jessica...thanks for a great week!


Mom said...

Awesome pictures guys.....looks like so much fun !!!!

The Tyler's said...

You are seriously teasing us with those few pics from the photo shoot. I can't wait to see them!! Love that vest on T-dub!

Bryan, Rachel, Ben and Tyler Nichols said...

Hooray for Katrina and getting to go to Busch Gardens! I'm so glad you got to go! I know you usually go with your family, but if you ever want to go, call us. Bryan and I are going to try and go every year for our anniversary while we live back here. Bryan will be done with law school in May, but we'll probably stay in NC for a while. How much longer does John have left in school? Love your cute family!