I like meat...but I am getting a little sick of it!

I am so frustrated....I have SO much to blog about but I cannot find my USB camera cord. It has been lost in the shuffle of traveling. You now my posts are mostly pictures so I HAVE to wait!!

Here's a little something to blog about...no pictures necessary. I have lost 8 pounds since Monday! I lose about 2 pounds a day! For REAL! Okay...it has been hard. I have been a little hungry. I have had to exercise. But....eating steak, and bacon, and eggs, and cheese (lots of cheese), and burgers has been worth it! I have decided that July is my month to focus on losing my pregnancy weight from Talon. I gained about 50 pounds when I was pregnant with him and I lost 20 pounds in the first two weeks. I usually lose MUCH more than that during the first postnatal month. I have had the hardest time breaking the last 30 pounds and although I wasn't miserable (and most people could not even tell) I have been REALLY missing all of my clothes. So some say that they lose their weight while nursing and others can't get rid of it until they are done. I have not been able to decide if I have been suffering from the later and as soon as Talon is done nursing then it would fall off (not likely) or if it is because I have NEVER craved so much chocolate as I have since nursing him. Since he doesn't seem to be given up on breast feeding anytime soon, I can't wait to find out!
I have been doing kind of a combination of Atkins, South Beach, and The Weigh Station. I am trying to focus on the strictest part of each diet to maximize my weight loss (after all I am only doing this for July). So how am I going to maintain the lose after July??? That's a great question...but I plan on exercising ALOT and still being cautious of carbs. I will only make desserts on Sunday (yeah...I would make them every night if I didn't put a limit).
So I feel great! It has been relatively easy (besides the shakes and the lack of all the yummy treats out there) but for 8 pounds in 4 days....WAHOO!!!


Jones said...

way to go!! for some reason after Thatcher was born I kicked butt losing 54 lbs and shaping up real nice. since Ruthie I haven't even had the desire to do a thing about it, till recently. It'll be a slow process, but at least I'm willing to do SOMETHING now! good luck in July!

Ashcraft Adventures said...

Thats awesome!!! It is the HARDEST diet for us girls that LOVE sweets and chocolate!! Im so glad you're a couple days ahead of me:) You keep me going!!

Chablis said...

GO KATRINA!! You are an inspiration. My mom was an Atkin's girl for about 3 years. I think it tainted me. But...8lbs? I might just be doin' the same thing!

Can't wait to see all your pics!

Emily said...

That's great! It always feels good to start losing that weight. Send some weight-loss vibes my way. ;)

krisleif said...

You're my inspiration! Now that baby is here I need to start getting into losing that baby weight. I like meat, but I don't know if I could do it all the time. Hey, maybe if we all get together and eat it, it would be more fun! Good luck and keep it up!