Talon's Blessing Day

January 4, 2009
Talon was very lucky to have so many people that love him, participate in his blessing. With both of our families in Utah and many people in town for the Holidays, and many others who traveled for this occasion, we had a great day. John was disappointed that his two brothers, Peter and James, were not able to be there as they were both back East (and were going to be able to come to Virginia if we blessed him there).
We were not organized enough to take a group picture after church to document this special occasion but I did gather some photos at the celebration lunch that we had afterwards. We blessed Talon in John's parents ward in Orem and then drove back to Saratoga Springs to have the luncheon at my parents home.
John's blessing to Talon was beautiful. I'm so thankful to have a husband who holds the priesthood and strives daily to be worthy to bless our children. Talon was fussy all morning and I kept telling John that he was going to cry all during his blessing and sure enough...that's exactly what happened. YUP...my little boy screamed from the start to the finish of his blessing. I tried so hard to time his sleep and his feeding JUST RIGHT (all of you moms know exactly what I'm talking about) but I couldn't get him to nurse just before Sacrament meeting and my plans were destroyed. SIGH. It was still beautiful and it was so great to meet with so many people that we love.
Talon at 4 1/2 months old is a lot different than he was at 4 months! I feel like such a naive person to think that Talon's fussiness had nothing to do with me. After our nightmare experience with broccoli I realized that there are probably many other things that have made him uncomfortable and therefore...fussy. Here are a list of things that I have learned make my son fussy:

Chocolate- This one is first because it's the saddest for me! It's still worth giving up but oh so sad!
Cabbage- I actually really like cabbage and have had to pick it out of salads and avoid it a few other times.
Broccoli-OBVIOUSLY....from my 24 hours from you know where!
Cow's milk- No cereal for me...that's the only time that I even drink it but I do love cereal for breakfast.
Anything too spicy- I'm okay with this one!
Whole Wheat- WHAT?!?!?! So after about 3 days of not having any of the above items, I was enjoying my mother-in-laws fresh ground whole wheat waffles and bread and Talon was a wreck! Ugh! No more whole wheat for me! This was a similar 24 hours like the broccoli 24 hours. I love her homemade bread-the best I've ever had!

I know that lots of moms have been giving up food while nursing but I just haven't thought about it and made the connection with Talon. I feel awful that he has had tummy aches for 4 months and I wasn't catching on!

Talon's sisters who adore him!

Congratulations to John's sister Emily!! She and Travis just got engaged on the 26th of December!

Talon slept during the entire luncheon! We sure did have fun celebrating him though!
Don't you just love pictures of people eating!! Sorry Corey! Most of the pictures I took look like this!
John and his dad!
We had so much yummy food!


Emily said...

Talon looks so handsome. I love blessing days. Sorry to hear he was crying though. Between your last post and Leah's, it looks like you've all had a fun time. Wish I were in Utah! Enjoy the rest of your stay!

Natalie said...

I can't believe that all that stuff is really what was making Talon fussy! Whole wheat???? Really? I have NEVER heard of that!

Janell said...

Oh, Talon looks so grown up already! Good luck on Match day!!


Colleen said...

Talon looks fab, the girls too! And way to sacrifice, mom! Whole wheat is surprising!

Michelle said...

How cute! Poor Talon. I can't believe that would suprise you. With our family, come on Katrina. Nothing surprises me after what we have been through with Hana. She can only handle so much wheat herself. Poor thing, she still doesn't understand why she can't eat certain things.

Camille said...

I love blessings! Your family is so beautiful!!

Chablis said...

I can't believe how much Talon looks just like Isabella. I'm sorry he is such a picky eater! I've been really luck with Henry, yogurt and cottage cheese are the only things that make him fussy. This reminds me that I never posted about Henry's blessing! Oops. Oh yeah, it's because his blessing was the day before we moved to Alaska. :) You win some, you lose some.

Heidi said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! You look so pretty - I love the picture of you and your crew....it shows the craziness in life for you! I'm sure that one day you will look back at that picture and really miss these days!!!

Lehikoinens said...

Special Day for Talon!! He is so handsome. I'm mad we missed you guys- only by a week too!!! Wouldn't you know it? Hope John's interviews go well and you have lots of options. I'm glad you're having fun hanging out with the family. Being around family is truly the BEST! ... usually.