Fall Festival

We are lucky enough to live in a fantastic community where each fall they host a Fall Festival! There are so many fun things to do and yummy things to eat! Here are some of our favorites!

Everybody loves a good snowcone...right?

Just for the record...I did not make Hailey get on this Bull! It was ALL her idea! She started crying immediately after it started moving. I think that she thought it just went back and forth...she held her own though! I actually had to pry her off because she was holding on so tight!

My sweet Talon Boy!


Jen said...

Cute kiddos! Your little guy looks darling in that shirt. It was one of my favorites!

Heidi said...

Bella is so big...a little girl now, I can't believe it!! That sweet post brought back memories...we had so much fun together! I also love the picture of you and your little man..you look beautiful and he is SO BIG!! What a handsome little guy!!