Hecker Family Reunion 2008

Johns family takes turns planning the yearly family reunions. Last year was actually supposed to be our year but we deferred a year due to schooling for John! We decided to bring all of his family out here to Virginia this year for a different scenery then the usual reunions. Most of the Hecker's live in Utah...so that has been a pretty standard spot for meeting. One of the greatest surprises that I have ever had was from my sweet sister and brother in law, James and Jen. They informed me weeks ago that they would not be able to make it to the reunion this year (they are in the middle of selling and buying a home). I was crushed of course because anyone missing makes a huge difference. Two of Johns other sisters couldn't make it either so I was pretty sad! On Monday afternoon I received a call from Jen and she asked me what I was doing...the dishes of course! Not even 10 seconds later, I glance out my window and I see this adorable family walking by...and they are checking out my porch! About another 2-3 seconds go by and it clicks...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I couldn't believe my eyes, but they were here...in Virginia. It was so great. I am still shocked about the entire thing. What a could surprise and what a good fibber Jen is! What a great start to our reunion!
Jen and her sweet little boy Noah! She also has a 2 year old named Levi and a 1 year old named Sophie!
This is in Jamestown on one of the ships!

Lovin' Aunt Emily!

What a sour face!

John and I decided not to stay in the hotel with the rest of the family because our kids get more sleep in their own beds. John was sweet enough to put the kids to bed one night so that I could hang out at the hotel and swim and play games.
Getting a family picture wasn't so simple. Can you find the grumpies in this shot? I wish that we had taken more...how often do we get together...not often enough.

We enjoyed a morning on the USS Wisconsin Battleship. It was fun to see just how big these ships are!

Thanks to all of you Hecker's out there for the fabulous trip! We know it was a huge sacrifice to get all of you out here but we sure did appreciate it! We love and miss you already! Not pictured are are trip to the beach and Mt. Trashmore. I forgot my camera the first day...don't you just hate it when that happens.


The Ashcraft Family said...

Its always nice having family around! How'd everyone from Utah react to the 'wonderful' Virginia humidity??? You look beautiful by the way! Definately have that pregnant glow:) Hailey and Isabella do make such cute German Girls. They look beautiful!

Heidi said...

Looks like a blast!! That was a big event to plan, I am so proud of you!! I wish I could have seen your face when Jen and her fam arrived....that is so special!

Lehikoinens said...

How nice to have family around. We so need to come visit you guys. We'll be in Atlanta in February... but I think Virgina Beach is a little bit of a drive from there. I will also be in New York in March... so which one are you closer to? I know all you little states there on the East Coast are so close together. Not like here in Cali. Miss you guys. -you look fabulous by the way. :)