The Most Amazing Woman in the World

I have been overwhelmed with love for my mother. She is the most selfless, patient, kind, and giving woman that I know. I have been so lucky to have had the opportunity to live in Virginia Beach and be so close to my family. My children have been able to witness my mothers amazing ability to love and serve. Right now, my parents are in the middle of selling their home and moving my grandma and grandpa who live next door...all at the same time. My dad is in Utah working and waiting for my mom to close things off here at the beach, and my mom has been lucky enough to have my brother Kevin live with her for the last 4 months to help with all that needs to be done around the house. He's been a huge help to her but will be leaving next week so they are trying to get as much done as they can before he takes off, as she will then be without a big strong man to help her on a daily basis. Moving my grandparents is to say the least....a huge job and my family that resides here is doing all that they can to help. I know she gets tired...but she doesn't stop. She continues even when she doesn't feel well! My girls adore her and are always excited to go to her house and always sad to go home. Thanks for being such a wonderful mother to me and such an amazing grandmother to my children. I can't even go a single day without talking to her atleast 3 times on the phone! She is a joy to be around I love her very much!


The Jones Family said...

what a sweet tribute to your mom. Just remember, as wonderful as she is, she raised you and gosh darn it, don't we all end up like our mothers one day? WHAT A BLESSING!

...you're pretty amazing too Katrina.

Like Mother, like daughter I guess!

Leah said...

couldn't agree more and feel the same about my mom :) Can't wait to see you guys so soon!

Treona said...

I agree, your mother is wonderful. It's too bad we don't realize how much mothers really do until we come into our 20's. They really do have to wait a long time before we acknowledge and thank them for all their self-less work they've done and continue to do. So, just wait another 20 years and your oldest will just be beginning to express her gratitude. :) LOL

Joy said...

Heidi told me that you could help me learn how to print and bind my blog into a book one day. Can you tell me more about that? My email is JoyRGardner@gmail.com