Getting Isabella's Ears Pierced!

So I am a little behind on some posts but I wanted to still add them! Here is sweet little Isabella getting her ears pierced in February. She was such a sport and cried only for a minute. They wouldn't pierce them both at the same time, which isn't such a great idea! With Hailey they did them both at the same time and then they were done. I didn't like the fact that after the first ear, she knew what was coming next and she was not super happy about that. I took her to get some ice cream and had some good play time at the mall after that.


The Jones Family said...

oh I love your face and hers in the second one (where's she's crying) SO classic!!

I kind of wanted to get Maddy's ears pierced when she was a baby, but Rocky's sisters had to wait until they were 13 and make the choice to do it themselves...but by that age, ice cream right after doesn't take the pain away quickly! oh well, Rocky doesn't ask much....but oh how cute your girls are with pierced ears!!! (jealous!)

Janell said...

What a trooper! I just love little girls with their ears pierced :)