Finding Easter Baskets

Isabella has definitely figured out what candy was and she LOVED the StarBurst Jellybeans! Every time we would walk past her Easter candy she would put out her hands and whine!
Hailey still asks me every morning if it's Easter! She had a great day full of excitement and fun. Eventually I will put some pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses.



Your girls are beautiful! Haley's hair is getting so long! Where are you getting all of these blog templates? I can't seem to find ones that support all of the things already on my blog like the links. Share your secret girl!

Jen said...

She is getting so grown up! I cannot believe it. We will be so happy to see you guys and play this summer!

Jelly beans? You know me--those haven't passed Sophie's lips. She did get some chocolate via her daddy though.

Janell said...

Isabella is looking so big! Did you hide Haley's basket in the dryer? That's hilarious :)