Jump Zone

What a fun day!! The kids had fun too...he he! Leah and I raced through this fun obstacle course and she totally won! As I was throwing myself down the humongous slide, I remembered that I was pregnant and that this couldn't be so great on the little babe! But I have to admit, it did wear me out!! Getting through the last section was tough..I decided to try feet first...and that just wasn't happenin'!

Kevin had a great time but I have decided that he too is getting old. Not only did his knee come out of it's socket during his play time, he also has some major plastic burns to show for his amazing day at the jump zone!
Even mom had fun as she ventured down a few of the slides!


Heidi said...

Love the pictures...what a ball!! I got those plastic burns at a place like that and they KILL!! Poor Kevin!!

Leah said...

we did have so much fun!!! send me a CD with those pictures....I realized I only have a very few, so I'll e mail them your way...so much fun to have you...loved every minute of it...now if we could only get you out here our last year, it would be amazing!!

Bateman's Blog said...

I'm so jealous! That looks like a blast!! I need to find one of those up here. Isn't it great when we have fun like kids?!