Canon in D- Bedtime

This guy is so funny! He hit the nail on the head with this song. After the video is over there are some more that you can look at-find Bumblebee!! It's just as funny. Hailey has had me play it over and over again and she giggles the entire time.
To hear the You Tube Video you need to first pause the music playing in the right hand screen (labeled as {Story of our Lives}) so that you don't hear two things at once. You pause the music by clicking on the speaker on the bottom left side.


Janell said...

That is hilarious. I'm not actually at that point yet with Rylan, but I still laughed out loud and thought it was funny. Oh yes, how I do look forward to those impossible nights when bed time is much avoided!

Ashcraft Family said...

I love that!! As you go thru it each day, it doesnt seem so crazy...but as he sings faster and faster it stresses me out to think thats what we do each day :) !! Thats life...and its wonderful!!! Thanks

The Risdons said...

we are so there with Easton. That's funny