Girls Night Out

My friend Heidi planned this wonderful and beautiful evening just fo us...her friends. The girls in the picture left to right are (me, Abbi Penn, Chablis Adams, Terri Trinnaman, and Heidi Russell.) We try to get together once a month to spoil each other and to enjoy good friends. What a great night-thanks Heidi.


Leah said...

are you kidding me!! Crazy, and looks like so much fun. No wonder Chablis doesn't want to throw a girls night, I'm not sure i would either after seeing those pics. I hope you had a great time and sad I won't see you at Christmas

CLAMES said...

Wow. That looks like so much fun! What is that thing with the rice your friend made? It looks gourmet (along with the dessert)!

Katrina said...

It was so tasty...I'm not sure of all the ingredients but it had avocado, cilantro, and crab meat on top. I think it was one of those recipes with never ending ingredients. I actually forgot to take a picture of the dessert-it was beautiful! That picture is the appetizer...chocolate covered strawberries!