Our trip to Tennessee

This last week were were so lucky to be able to jump in the car for a 12 hour drive to Tennessee to visit with my brother Kurt and his great family!! The girls did so good in the car! Especially while they were sleeping! We brought lots of movies, books, and plenty of goodies and toys to keep them occupied! Kevin did a great job driving and mom was a great navigator! We made a great team. I was in a great hurry to get there so I played commando as I gave us only 10 minutes at each rest stop! Now I had had to stop all the time because of the baby sitting on my bladder...but it was funny to learn that Kevin actually had to stop more than my little three year old! Good times!
We sure did miss John so much! He had to stay home to go to classes and catch up on assignments but we wished he was with us the entire time.

Jump Zone

What a fun day!! The kids had fun too...he he! Leah and I raced through this fun obstacle course and she totally won! As I was throwing myself down the humongous slide, I remembered that I was pregnant and that this couldn't be so great on the little babe! But I have to admit, it did wear me out!! Getting through the last section was tough..I decided to try feet first...and that just wasn't happenin'!

Kevin had a great time but I have decided that he too is getting old. Not only did his knee come out of it's socket during his play time, he also has some major plastic burns to show for his amazing day at the jump zone!
Even mom had fun as she ventured down a few of the slides!

The Opry Hotel

This hotel is absolutely amazing! We walked around it for two hours and still didn't see it all! Every inch was covered with plants and waterfalls. We really had so much fun here.

Sorry Leah...I had to post this picture because it is SOOOO you! Love it!

My Celebrity Look A-like!

I actually did this with two different pictures and I got a few of the same celebs! Funny huh!


The Most Amazing Evening!

I have the greatest friends ever!! Last night I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday with some very important people and it was amazing! Heidi and Chablis have been working so hard for so long to make this night so special...for ME!! It was a magical night filled with a 6 course meal and gifts and lots of love! Heidi made a special video presentation of so many people who mean the world to me! She captured tender moments from those I love, wishing me a Happy Birthday! What a surprise!! I will cherish it always. Her house was transformed into birthday heaven and I felt like a princess! How do you thank someone for making you feel so special? I haven't quite figured that out yet, but I am so grateful for the love that was shared with me last night! What an amazing birthday I have had. On top of the best party ever, my husband has been spoiling me and we had a fantastic night out on the town two nights ago!! I love him so much and am so thankful for his desire to see me be happy! Today, I get to celebrate with my family and I can't wait! If my year will be as good as my birthday, I want to be 27 forever!


Yes! I am pregnant again!!

I do love babies...I think that most people who know me well, know that! I start thinking about the next child mere weeks after delivering the last! With two miscarriages in my past, we are still nervous about getting through the next few weeks, but I'm feeling very pregnant and all looks well so far! I am almost 10 weeks (yes, this baby was conceived a week after my D&C) and we are expecting our baby in September! That means large and round all summer long...you'll be able to find us at the pool!

I can't believe that we have had Isabella in our family for one year already! Time sure does fly! It seems like I was just pregnant and counting down the seconds until she arrived! Those first few months are always a blur for me but we finally adjusted and loved every second of her!

They start to smile and giggle and melt your heart in the process!

In the past few weeks Izzie has definitely turned into a toddler. She wants to do things by herself and she even thinks that she is a big preschooler. She is totally playing with this file folder game and sitting in a chair! She is still super bald...it's a good thing that I make headbands because this child has gotten a ton of use out of them! She is still waking up all night long and we are all hoping that will stop soon but we sure do love this little girl!


Happy 1st Birthday Bella Baby

Rock n' Roll Star

We had a great morning! Our sweet Isabella is sick this week (Adenovirus) and today we decided to help her get better by staying home! While she was napping Hailey asked me if she could do a show! She loves her guitar and she loves this song. To pause the music on my blog click on the picture to the right (of Yael Naim) and push the pause button. Then you can get the full effect of Hailey's show!!


Morning Out

Our mornings are either spent going to preschool, teaching preschool, running errands, or a combination of the three! I try to get everything done before nap time so that I beat the rush of the rest of the world. I had a great coupon that was expiring so we decided to go to Chick-fil-a and get our free sandwich and play! The girls had so much fun and so did I...oh to be a kid again! Isabella loved following her sister up the slide and Hailey loved having a playmate. Hailey had a great time taking shots with the camera.

My Sweet Girls!!

I love these sweet babies of mine! I caught Hailey being nice to Isabella and I had to capture it! She was sharing her Teddy Grahams with her and Izzie just loved it! I watched as Haileys' smile grew as she saw how happy she had made her sister.